Working Winter / Love is Hard: A Playlist

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. This playlist is a combo of R&B, Rap, Folk, and Alt-Rock designed to make the most of your energy, specifically at work. Valentine's Day is around the corner, so this is a mix of sexy and sad, fulfilling the wide range of emotions that go along with love. Download or listen on Spotify here!

Though it works on shuffle, this playlist was designed to play in this order to provide proper pacing for your workflow. Ease yourself into the grind with "Stand Tall" and "Your Hand Holding Mine", two good songs for replying to emails, before getting to it with "Lemon". I've found the best way to be productive is to have up-tempo music or a driving beat with some slower songs to remind you to take a break, or as a less-intrusive background for communications/copy-editing.

I've included two non-English songs which happen to be some of my favorites, "Tengo Dinero" and "Humans Become Machines." The background of the latter is very intriguing (bet you can't guess the language correctly on the first try!) and makes for great aggressive ambient music. We continue the theme of romance and relationships from "Deja Vu" through "Finding You," with a break with "HUMBLE." (because duh.) This is a work playlist after all 💰 I love how this song works as a diss to the haters as well as a self-reminder to keep on the grind, it's always just the beginning of the come-up. To balance out the self-indulgence, "Hashbrowns" follows, with a chorus of When you gonna get it all together? / Maybe never.

Baby Blue offers some time to slow down, before picking back up with "Convenient Parking," "Next," and "Icon." Perfect for the theme of the rollercoaster of emotions that is love is the crooning of Jidenna on "Bambi," a not-quite-love song. Kesha's third appearance on the playlist follows with "Old Flames (Just Can't Hold A Candle To You)," a testament to her musical talent through her ability to span across so many genres. If you haven't listened to Rainbow, do so now.

The middle school emo girl inside me loves Lil Peep and as such I was greatly saddened by his death a few months ago. "Awful Things" is a catchy emotional song and has earned its place on the list, doubling as a tribute for my first playlist post. "Art School Wannabe" follows, with some very personally relatable lyrics,

"Maybe I'm my own greatest fear /
Maybe I'm afraid to admit that /
I might not be as dark as I think

Maybe I'm not the person
That I never wanted to be

We slow it down just a bit from "She's My Collar" through "Broken Clocks," before bringing it back up with "Tunnel Vision." We finish off with a folk song by Post Malone, another incredibly talented genre-bending artist. Check out his album Stoney if you have not yet done so already. I love his lyrical talent, shown here through his use of lines like,

"Show no emotion /
Against your coding /
Just act as hard as you can /
You don't need a friend /
Boy, you're the man."

To go along with the theme of the playlist, I created a collage that encapsulates the variety of genres with a vibe my friend described as "Supreme meets Victoria's Secret." All imagery by yours truly 💖 Designed to fit with my ongoing collage moodboard that is my Instagram feed.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think!