Addy - Senior Pictures

This summer has been overwhelming busy, but that's how I like it. I hadn't really planned on doing senior pictures this year because of how crazy it's been designing for the launch of a huge toy line at RedwoodVentures, but I'm so glad I did! Shooting with Addy helped remind me how much I like taking portraits of people I don't know, and why. I aim to help capture each person's best version of themself, not just take a good picture. Humans are super interesting and I love getting to connect with each unique person I work with!

Addy and I clicked right away and had such a good time, it felt like I was out shooting with a friend. We walked around the city and chatted about her plans for the future, music, shopping, and of course, about her last year of high school. Addy came prepared with tons of cute outfits, and we were ready to capture her personal style! I love her lemon dress, and the hat I brought just-in-case went perfect with it <3 It was such a blast shooting with Addy, congratulations on reaching your last year, go class of 2018!